The Purposes of the society shall be:

  • To foster the propagation and conservation of the fish and wildlife of British Columbia, and the control and protection of British Columbia’s ecology for the purposes aforesaid:

  • To foster cooperation and mutual good will between the sportsmen of Golden area and of British Columbia generally, and also with the sportsmen of the other provinces of Canada, and the states of the United States of America for the purposes mentioned herein:

  • To assist constituted authority in every reasonable manner in the preservation of the fish and wildlife and in the enforcement of all laws and regulations affecting the same:

  • To associate on an agreed basis with other bodies having like objectives in regard to fish, wildlife and related recreation activities:

  • To encourage preservation and the maintenance of harmonious relations between industry, land owners and sportsmen.

  • To conduct classes and instructions on the subjects of fish and wildlife laws, the proper, safe, and legal handling of fish equipment, boats, and firearms, and the proper, safe, and legal methods of hunting, fishing, and boating and the conservation of fish and wildlife:

  • To encourage recreational hunting, fishing, and shooting among the residents of the Golden district with a view towards better knowledge of the safe use of firearms and conservation ethics:

  • To affiliate the Society with the British Columbia Wildlife Federation, or any successor body, and to participate provincially and regionally in British Columbia Wildlife Federation activities and objectives and to submit recommendations, views or briefs to such public or private bodies as may be deemed necessary to fulfill the Society’s objectives; and

  • To hold real and personal property and investments and to carry on operations required for the fulfillment of the purposes of the society and to dispose of by sale or otherwise such real and private property and investments of the society as is not required for the said purposes.